Mark Trueblood
game design & programming
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Shapes of the Druid

Shapeshifting Sokoban-like

A Disogranized Sport

Randomized Sports Game

Found Bigfootage

Anti-Stealth Sasquatch-em-up

Backalley Summoner

Demonic Business Sim

Super Slime Arena

Party Fighting Game

One Job One Shot

Sniper Puzzle Game


Who even is this guy?

  • Northeastern University

    BFA in Digital Art and Game Design

    Took classes in: Game Design, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Programming, Computer Science, Photography.

  • Coding Skills

    C#, Haxe, Java, Racket, Python, Lua

  • Engines & Frameworks

    GAME: Unity, HaxeFlixel, Ren'Py, GameMaker
    WEB: Jekyll, Bootstrap, Wordpress

  • Applications

    CODE: Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, FlashDevelop
    MEDIA: Photoshop, Lightroom, Maya, After Effects, SketchUp
    OTHER: GitHub

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